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Sadie Nicole

 Sadie Nicole the LMT

Hello my name is Sadie Ramos, I am a licensed massage therapist. I am a dog mom to a little old Boston terrier named Roxi. I am born and raised here in Lubbock, tx. My passion has always to help others and to be of service to people. My goal as a massage therapist is to help relieve any stress pain or anxiety people may have.

8004 Abbeville Ave, Lubbock, Texas   |   

little ones

Little Ones Infant and Pediatric Therapy

Kelli is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Lactation Counselor. She specializes in infant and pediatric feeding. If you are a new mom looking for tips on feeding, she can help! If your baby won't latch, won't take a bottle, takes a long time or won't finish a feeding, schedule your consultation today! 

8004 Abbeville Ave, Lubbock, Texas   |   806-370-0851

Wildflower doula

Wildflower Doula Co.

Emily Errington is the owner of Wildflower Doula Co. She has been a birth doula since 2021 and has been supporting families ever since. Doula support is for everyone that is wanting support through their pregnancy, labor and postpartum. While Emily supports many families that are hopeful for unmedicated labor and deliveries, doula support is helpful for many different situations including  prenatal education, inductions, low intervention labors, no-intervention labors and home births. Schedule a consult to find out how doula support can be helpful for you and your growing family!

8004 Abbeville Ave, Lubbock, Texas   |   806-500-6300

Massage hands

Miraculous Massage By Mary Ellen Richardson LM

Miraculous Massage, a solo therapeutic massage practice with 6 years of experience, specializes in cupping, scraping, and individualized care. We're passionate about helping clients reclaim their health and explore wellness. We are a Hona CBD partner, with incredible products to enhance your every day life. Our Christian-based values guide us in providing exceptional service. We're not just about massages, we're about a journey to better health.

8004 Abbeville Ave, Lubbock, Texas   |   575-749-8655


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