Success Stories

  • Brittany & Brooklynn

    Why I Started: 'My 10 month old, Brooklyn, had been going through a season of being very sick. This also lead to a season of allergies and a lot of congestion. My daughter was taking breathing treatments and four medications every day and was not getting better. I was desperate to find some healing for this little girl.'

    My Results: 'Since her first adjustment, Brooklynn has been off all her medications. She has improved drastically as she continues to get chiropractic care. I no longer have to worry about my daughter's breathing at night.'

    My Experience: 'Very positive experience! I have been blown away by the improvements I have seen since treatment has started.'

  • Charis .

    'Charis loves the Drs. at Global Health Chiropractic! She has been a much happier baby and has been sleeping better since she’s started getting adjustments. Which makes her mama happier, too!'

  • Heather .

    Why I Started: 'My neck hurt and was always tense. My joint were tight and I didn't feel like that was normal at 30!'

    My Results: 'My neck tension is probably 75% better after only 3 adjustments. The craziest thing is the anxiety I've had (constantly, everyday for the last several years) has disappeared. After 2 adjustments, I felt a calm/peace within that I've never felt. It's amazing!'

    My Experience: 'I can't wait to get adjusted. GHC is fantastic and makes the appointment an enjoyable experience.'

  • Jaime .

    Why I Started: 'I was living in CONSTANT pain! Doctors had diagnosed me with a devastating auto immune disease and would only treat my symptoms, chasing the pain, trying to rid me of it with drug after drug. I wasn't able to function to my fullest potential in my day to day life!'

    My Results: 'Within a few adjustments, I saw DRASTIC results. My energy levels increased SIGNIFICANTLY, my pain decreased, my range of motion increased- I GOT MY LIFE BACK. My kids got their mom back! I am able to live my fullest life without fear of pain or disease. I was able to exercise- RUN - for the first time in 8 YEARS!'

    My Experience: 'Drs. Tracy and the entire team with their servant's hearts and TRUE love for the TOTAL WELLNESS of others have TRULY blessed my life, my family's lives and changed US FOREVER. I feel valued, loved, and TRULY care about every time I walk through the doors. I THANK GOD every single day for GHC!'

  • Stefani

    Stefani's greatest challenge was lots of pain, headaches every day, pain in my lower back, upper back, neck, left leg going to sleep, dizzy spells...really not in a comfortable place at all. 

    What did you feel when you saw your scans, x-rays, and for the first time had some answers?

    Stefani: Relief actually. For the first time in well over 10 years, hope that I can get better not just physically but mentally and emotionally. 

    We’ve only had a handful of adjustments. What are you noticing already?

    Stefani: I’m sleeping better which is absolutely amazing. It’s not taking me as long to fall asleep and I’m staying asleep. Not waking up in the morning with pain throughout my body. The dizzy spells have stopped which is one of the biggest things. With my job and with school I am sitting constantly, and so I’m up and down so I got dizzy spells quite often and they have ceased. I’m able to sit and not have my left leg fall asleep which has been nice to be able to sit and hold my daughter in the evenings. I’m on my 3rd or 4th adjustment and it has already been life changing.

  • Alexandra

    Once a Chiro duo now a Chiro trio! Mom was adjusted all throughout her pregnancy to make sure the baby had a good home (well aligned pelvis and uterus) and to help labor go smoothly. Even with a 'smooth' labor the birth experience can still be a little rough for a baby. Any interference to his nervous system from the birthing process can negatively affect how he can adapt and thrive in his new environment, so mom wanted to get him checked at only 5 days old to make sure he could do both. Both mom and baby are doing amazing, and little man slept through his first adjustment! Congrats momma!

  • Amanda

    Why I Started: 'I first came to GHC because of a running injury. I hadn't been able to run in three months and was very discouraged. My previous experiences with other types of doctors had made me believe I was flawed somehow, and I was worried I couldn't be helped. Then I read an article abut AMIT on a sports website, and began looking for a doctor in Lubbock who was trained in it. Dr. Wilson was the first google hit, and my intuition told me this was the right place.'

    My Results: 'The first day, Dr. Wilson briefly explained his approach, and AMIT. After testing, he and one of the girls applied the AMIT muscle treatment. That same afternoon, I ran three miles. It wasn't magic, but it seemed like it to me. I knew the ache in my muscles was from three months of non-use and was grateful just to run again.'

    My Experience: 'Since then, my running has been more or less consistent. My strength, endurance, and speed have all improved. I soon started running half-marathons, and thanks to Dr. Wilson and the team, I was winning first or second in my age group each time! With regular chiropractic and AMIT tune-ups, I know I will continue to run for the rest of my life.'

  • Brysann

    Why I Started: 'I started because I had many injuries from gymnastics and doctors were not helping the pain anymore. A friend recommended Global Health and I'm glad we came.'

    My Results: 'So far, Global Health has helped me heal my legs, help my back pain, put me back together when I crash, and keep everything feeling good.'

    My Experience: 'Everyone here is so nice and caring and I love it because they really help and build a relationship with their patients.'

  • Marty

    Why I Started: 'Unbelievable back pain.'

    My Results: 'Incredible relief in my back and neck area.'

    My Experience: 'Would tell everyone about Dr. Wilson and the team here.'

  • Whitney .

    Why I Started: 'Horrible headaches/back spasms, low energy, no motivation.'

    My Results: 'Back spasm free for over 6 weeks, minor headaches rarely, energy to take on the world! '

    My Experience: 'GHC has the best, most encouraging team! They've been awesome. I definitely would encourage anyone experiencing pain/sluggishness to trust the Drs. here They're the best!'

  • Ray & Rhonda

    'We've been coming to Dr. Wilson since moving back to Lubbock. He was recommended by our chiro- and glad he was! We've had great results in fixing injuries on the farm. We can't imagine not coming at least monthly.'

  • Jonathan

    Why I Started: 'I had an accident and needed help getting back to normal.'

    My Results: 'I'm feeling better than ever.'

    My Experience: 'Thanks to Global Health my experience has been awesome and helped a lot.'

  • Jason

    'I wanted a healthier lifestyle and my lower back was giving me problems. After care at GHC, I have a ton more energy and pain is gone. The team is extremely friendly and helpful! Such a blessing to come to Global Health each week.'

  • Deborah

    Why I Started: 'I came to Global Health Chiropractic because I couldn't get up off the sofa or chairs. My back hurt when I walked and had no strength in my legs.'

    My Results: 'Dr. Jake has helped me get back to being myself. I can walk better, get up on my own without help or using a walker. My back doesn't hurt when I'm walking.'

    My Experience: 'My experience coming here is wonderful. I have met my goals, I feel great and I would most definitely recommend anyone to come here. The team is wonderful and everyone always has a smile for you!'

  • Jason

    Jason started chiropractic care at GHC for lower back pain problems. After his first few adjustments and AMIT treatments, he feels better throughout the day and feel like he has better posture. Jason loves coming into the office because we make him feel like family!

  • Paul

    Paul started chiropractic care at GHC because he had terrible neck pain. He wasn't able to turn his head hardly at all, after 6 months he went to see a surgeon who sadly said there was nothing they could do for him. Thankfully Paul found us, and after care he has full range of motion restored!

  • Ashlee

    Why I Started: 'To prolong my ability to workout comfortably, to extend positive health and assist me in exuding joy in my day!'

    My Results: 'I feel GREAT, have never been on less medicine for sinus issues and sleep AMAZING!!!'

    My Experience: 'Well, if I'm not here... I can tell a HUGE difference- I need GHC in my life! The staff are the added bonus to living the BEST LIFE. :) '

  • Reed

    Why I Started: 'We started because of foot pain.'

    My Results: 'Foot pain has ended, but as a bonus he has stopped using all allergy medication!'

    My Experience: 'As a mom this office has been a true blessing in our life.'

  • Kylie .

    Why I Started: 'Came to an event and hearing the stories and results made me believe and so glad we did.'

    My Results: 'I have seen a better result in my sleep pattern. I am focusing more and I can focus on tasks better for work.'

    My Experience: 'I love the staff here. Everyone is great.'

  • Haygen A

    Haygen had a stressful and difficult birth. The stress from birth caused interference in his body and caused his nervous system to be stuck in fight or flight.

    Before chiropractic he struggled with immune health and allergies. 

    After chiropractic care mom has seen improvements in his allergies, attitude and his immune system!

  • Ricky .

    Why I Started: 'allergies and low grades'

    My Results: 'Grades have improved and continue to get better and better. His report cards have been so good! His behavior and concentration in school is amazing. He does not struggle with allergies like before' 

    My Experience: I am so thankful for Ricky's outcome. Our experience here has been amazing. I would recommend everyone to come and try chiropractic and GHC. We love this place! 

  • Chistopher .

    I came to GHC because of: Tension in my neck 

    I am NOW: Less clumsy and have less tension in my neck

    My favorite thing about the office is: Mr. Indiana Bones


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