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Global Health Chiropractic May Health E-Newsletter

  • Patient Survey
  • Celebration of the women
  • Advanced health class-"Nutritional Health and Cleanse"
  • Office closures
  • Updates on Website
  • New product- Baxyl for Joint Health

Patient Survey

I need your help!

We are exploring several options for an expansion of "The Wellness Place". Your feedback is critical, as we want to maximize our impact on our patrons and our community.  Please take a few minutes and complete this survey.

It is very easy, click the link below and give us your input.. 

Thank you so very much!


Celebration of Women in Our Pratice

For the week of May 4th thru 8th ALL women who get adjusted can enter to win an adjustment, a massage, or a gift basket from Healthy Essentials.  All moms will get added entries based on the number of children they have ie. a mom of 2 gets two entries.

What: Advanced Health Class

Topic: Nutritional Health and Cleanse

When: May 21st at 6:30

Where: Global Health Chiropractic

How: Come by or call to reserve a spot...space is limited

Refreshments and Snacks wil be served.


May 14th

Dr Jungman will be out of the office attending the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo at the Civic Center. Last year we won the award for "Best use of Technology."  If you know anyone that would like to to get a sneak peek at how our scan technology works, have them stop by our boothe!

May 15th

Dr. Wilson will be out of the Office. 

Dr. Jungman will be adjusting 10-12:30

Updates to our Website

Be sure and check out our new videos.  We are always updating and trying to keep the information relative to what is going on in the news.




New Product

Baxyl™ delivers hyaluronan, a key molecule for joint health, and for health in general.

Hyaluronan is necessary for human life. It is present from the very beginning, being essential for such fundamental biological processes as ovulation and fertilization (Russell and Salustri 2006). Hyaluronan also appears to be necessary for many processes that occur during prenatal development (Spicer and Tien 2004). For example, high levels of hyaluronan synthesis are required for the development of many of our joints (Archer et al. 2003). Enzymes that make the precursors of hyaluronan are critical for normal development in other animals and are likely also necessary in humans (Vigetti et al. 2006).

Hyaluronan is necessary for joint function. Because it is abundant in synovial fluid - the viscous fluid found within joints such as knees and shoulders - hyaluronan cushions joints against impact. Hyaluronan forms the infrastructure that other molecules such as chondroitin sulfate must attach to in order to function properly. Moreover, hyaluronan serves as a renewal signal to cells in and around the joint so that they synthesize new components to replace those that inevitably wear out. In this way, hyaluronan plays both a structural and a functional role - anchoring critical joint structures while ensuring that new components, critical for proper function, are continually made.

Hyaluronan is broken down by repetitive motion, trauma and aging. The resulting smaller fragments of hyaluronan tend to promote inflammation. During recovery periods, newly-synthesized, larger molecules of hyaluronan keep inflammation in check. Oral supplementation with hyaluronan also keeps inflammation in check. The best available evidence is that oral hyaluronan is not subject to complete digestion in the gastrointestinal system. Instead, some hyaluronan is absorbed in much the same form as it is ingested and is transported to the vicinity of the joints. Supplementation with hyaluronan thus can stimulate the body to increase the production of its own hyaluronan in the tissues where it is most sorely needed to stave off inflammation and longer-term consequences such as osteoarthritis.

Visit Anna in Healthy Essentials to pick up your bottle.  A 36 day supply is $39.95.